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What’s Happening! is a vehicle for county organizations to be transparent, get important news out, and talk openly and honestly to their residents and tax-payers.

What’s Happening! is a resource for tax-paying residents and businesses and in no way a political venue. No politicking, self-promotion of an individual, or dirty laundry permitted.
2. Information supplied by the organization must be truthful and upbeat. The desired result is that residents feel good about where they live and their leadership.


Who Does What?

Rivertown Communications is responsible for everything, except writing the actual copy and submitting photos.

  1. Two and a half months prior to the mailing date, a notice is sent with the due date for information and mailing date.

  2. Two weeks or so before that date, another notice is sent out as a reminder.

  3. On the due date, organizations send their copy and photographs to What’s Happening! and Rivertown Communications.

  4. We create What’s Happening! and sends out pdf proofs to all organizations for approval.

  5. Rivertown Communications sends an invoice to participating organizations when the proof goes out.

  6. Once everyone has approved their pages, the file is uploaded to our printer and Whats’ Happening! is mailed in two weeks or less.

  7. Rivertown Communications is responsible for all bills associated with the publication.


For the best value, all costs are shared equally by the participating organizations.

Our parent company, Rivertown Communications LLC, analyzes what it costs to produce and mail each county’s publication every year — postage, print, mail list acquisition and formatting, freight, graphic design and project management — and divides the total cost per issue by 16, the minimum number of pages required for web printing. The resulting number is the cost per page paid by each organization.

For the fiscal year of 2019 - 2020, the cost per page for organizations is as follows:


Regional organizations that appear in all Northern Kentucky What’s Happening! publications receive a 10% discount. These include St. Elizabeth, TANK, SD 1, and the Northern Kentucky Independent Health Department. In addition, any organization that purchases 4 pages for the centerfold or elsewhere is entitled to 1,000 overprints of those 4 pages free of charge.