What's Happening!™ is the only source for information about an area's tax-supported events and services...all in one place, mailed to all of the residents.

Response from our clients

What's Happening!™ is one of the most cost-effective communication tools that allows us to speak directly to the residents in need of our services.
Robin Klaene, Public Information Director, Kenton County Library

What's Happening!™ has been a fabulous way to keep business owners and residents of Oldham County informed about projects Oldham County Tourism is working on. Sometimes in Tourism, you have a tendancy to lose some connection with the community you are trying to promote to tourists because the focus of tourism by nature is bringing people in. What's Happening!™ is a great way to keep your community posted and up-to-date on current tourism projects in the works outside your own backyards. It has also proven to be a way to gain community involvement and buy-in to tourist attraction to Oldham County!Kim Buckler, Executive Director, Oldham County Tourism Commission

What's Happening!™ provides our office with a wonderful venue to keep all Kenton County taxpayers aware of many of our activities throughout the year. It also allows us an opportunity to introduce Kenton Countians to our staff so they, in turn, might feel more comfortable approaching us for services needed. We appreciate the fact that not only does it go to every mailbox in Kenton County, but we feel the collaboration with other organizations and associations provides a great opportunity for all to alert citizens about services available to them. Agents and Staff of Kenton County Cooperative Extension Office

As a public service entity, there is no better way for the Oldham County Public Library to reach out to everyone in the community than by having a page in the What's Happening!™ in Oldham County newsletter. It's certainly the best way I can find to promote our services and programs in a well-designed slick publication. It's money well spent in my opinion. Oldham County Public Library

It has been a real pleasure over the past several years to work with Andrea Mack and Rivertown Communications. The publication What's Happening!™ in Oldham County has been a convenient and efficient way to communicate with the citizens of Oldham County. Oldham County Schools

What's Happening!™ is a critical part of our overall communications strategy because it provides entry to every home in Kenton County. I don't know of any other communications tool that can provide such high exposure for such a small investment.
Dennis Andrew Gordon, FAICP, Executive Director, Northern Kentucky Area Planning

What's Happening!™ in Boone County is a vital way for the City of Florence to communicate with its residents. The publication is an eye-catcher and done professionally. City of Florence

What's Happening!™ provides us with an incredibly economical way to share information with all of our customers in Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties.
Sanitation District No. 1

What's Happening!™ has provided our department with an affordable means of reaching all our citizens in Boone County. What's Happening!™has been instrumental in raising awareness about solid waste issues in Boone County as well as increased participation in our public programs. I receive call after call from citizens indicating they learned of our programs in What's Happening!™. Some tell me they save their issues, using them as reference guides throughout the year. Boone County Public Works

There is no better way to bring your message into each household. What's Happening!™ targets the entire community. It is a GREAT resource for getting out information! Oldham County Conservation District

The Campbell County Fiscal Court is very pleased with the What's Happening!™ in Campbell County publication that you have edited and published for the County for the last five years. During this time we have found the magazine to be a very effective means to communicate with every household in the county. With the twice a year schedule that we presently have for production, we are able to disseminate information about upcoming events, new programs in the county, along with highlights of the activities of the various departments of county government. Andrea, we very much appreciate your hard work and dedication that ensures that each issue is a quality product, full of interesting information, that appeals to all citizens, no matter where they live in the County. Campbell County Fiscal Court